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Command Description
+cluesShows the Clue Highscores of an account.
+combatShows your Combat level.
+diary Check which diaries your account has the required stats to complete (BOLD=boostable)
+dmmShows the stats of a DMM account.
+dmsShows the stats of a Seasonal Deadman account.
+hans Shows the creation date/avg playtime of your account. See:
+hcimShows the stats of a HCIM account.
+ironmanShows the stats of an Ironman account.
+lvlShows the level of a single stat, and the XP remaining.
+pvpShows the BH & LMS scores of an account.
+statsShows the stats of a OSRS account
+uimShows the stats of a UIM account.
+virtualstatsShows the virtual stats of a OSRS account
+xpShows your XP in all skills.
+xpto99Shows how much XP you have left until 99 in all skills.


Command Description
+analyticsShows analytics of the stats of a OSRS account
+ashRandom Mod Ash gif.
+b2bpetRolls a singular pet until you get it twice in a row.
+casketSimulate rare drops from clue scrolls
+defenderSee how long it takes you to get a Dragon Defender.
+diceSimulates dice rolls from Runescape.
+duelSimulates dueling another player.
+finish Simulates how long it takes you to 'finish' a boss (Get all its drops)
+killSimulate killing bosses (shows only rare drops).
+markovMarkov chain generated from lots of runescape text.
+pet Rolls a singular pet until you get it and shows the KC/Rolls
+petrollRolls a chance at getting every Pet at once.
+pollCreates a simple reaction poll for people to vote on.
+raid Roll on the raids drop table based on the number of points specified
+streamersShows the current top 4 RuneScape streamers on Twitch.
+triviaSends a OSRS related trivia question.


Command Description
+buylimitCheck the buy limit of an item.
+clientsShows all the clients you can play OSRS on.
+forumsShows the link for the official OSRS forum.
+hiscoresShows the link for the official OSRS hiscores.
+mapShows the link for the official OSRS map.
+mobileShows the link for the official OSRS mobile app.
+newsShows the latest OSRS News Post.
+petrateShows the rates of getting skilling pets at certain levels.
+playersShows how many people are playing OSRS.
+pollsShows the link for the OSRS Polls.
+priceLooks up the price of an item using the OSBuddy API.
+questShows information on a Quest. (Work in Progress)
+runeliteShows information on RuneLite
+securityShows some information on securing your runescape account.
+supportShows some support links for RuneScape.
+tobShows the Theatre of Blood records.
+wikiSearch the OSRS Wikipedia for an article.
+worldReturns information on a OSRS World.
+youtubersShows the links for some OSRS youtubers.


Command Description
+73 Enables/disables, reacts with 😂 everytime somebody says '73'.
+autoupdate Automatically update your connected (+setrsn) account on CML every hour.
+cmd Enable and Disable certain bot commands in your guild. Admins only.
+hcimdeaths Enables/disables HCIM Death Tweets from @HCIM Deaths on Twitter.
+jmodcomments Enables/disables the function which sends comments/posts from Jmods on reddit.
+petmessages Enables/disables Pet Messages, which rolls a chance at a pet on every message in a channel.
+prefixChange the command prefix the bot uses in your server.
+setrsnSet your RuneScape Username, used for other commands.
+streamertweets Enables/disables the Streamer Tweets function which sends tweets from OSRS Streamers.
+tweets Enables/disables the JMod Tweets function which sends tweets from OSRS JMods.
+twitchnotifications Enables/disables the Twitch Notifications function which sends tweets from OSRS Streamers.


Command Description
+200allShows the Time to 200m all of an account
+currentShows the current records.
+ehpShows the EHP stats of an account
+gainsShows the ranks of an account
+lastcheckChecks when a CML Account was last updated.
+prevnameChecks what the previous name of a player was.
+records CML Records for an account, in a period of day, week or month.
+trackTracks gains on an account.
+ttmShows the Time to Max of an account
+updateUpdate a CML profile.
+ranksShows the ranks of an account


Command Description
+loveFind out your love rating with someone!
+mypetsView the virtual pets you have.
+randquoteReturns a random message from someone in the channel.
+rollRoll a random number between 1-100.
+urban Searches the Urban Dictionary library for a definition to the search term.


Command Description
+biggifyMakes a big version of an image.
+emotesShows all the emote servers that the bot uses.
+followage Shows the followage of a given user from a given twitch channel.
+githubShows the Github link.
+helpGet a list of commands for the bot.
+infoDisplays information about the bot.
+inviteSends the invite link for the bot.
+leaderboardShows the people with the most virtual GP.
+paySend virtual GP to people (not real GP).
+serverGet information on a mentioned user.
+serversShows some community servers related to OSRS.
+twitchReturns information on a Account
+userGet information on a mentioned user.
+voteDisplays the voting link for the bot.
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